MADURODAM our conference venue

Madurodam was set up as a theme park, a living monument to the war hero George Maduro and as a way to raise funds for charities. Since 1952, Madurodam has been donating its revenue, between 600,000 and 1 million euro per year, to charities for children. Madurodam has now paid out more than 32 million euro through the Madurodam Children’s Fund.

The Madurodam Children's Fund believes that children are the future. For a happy and successful future, every child must feel that they can contribute to society. Respectful interaction with others is essential here. This requires self-confidence, independence, courage and empathy. Qualities possessed by George Maduro, the war hero Madurodam is named after.
Children develop these qualities by getting to know themselves and others and through discovery and experience. That’s why the Madurodam Children’s Fund supports projects in which this is central. If children use their self-confidence, independence, courage and empathy, they can shift borders and help others and society. Their small actions can have a big impact. They can turn children into heroes.

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